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 PUBLICATIONS -- Our partners

NGO "Rule of law" (ukr- Chinnist zakonu) provided humanitarian and financial assistance to the front on the New Year’s Eve.

    In the past 6 months, we systematically passed what could and what was collected with our friends and partners around the world to our soldiers. We worked with "Aydar" (sabotage and reconnaissance unit "Ghost"), "Azov", 72 crew, 14 - territorial defense. Also supports 31 fighters checkpoint "cyborg" in Donetsk airport, 72 brigade soldiers that are deployed around Mariupol and more. We are grateful benefactors and express hope for further cooperation. We hope that so many lives were saved and the health of our Ukrainian soldiers - liberators. Immediately sorry that I can’t list all the soldiers and units, we passed our help. But we remember all benefactors personally. May God bless you and your family!
    We’re so grateful to our dear friends:
    Citizens (in alphabetical order):
    Aleshin Vasil
    Asmolov Victor
    Bushynskyy Vitali;
    Vadim Gordin;
    Dzevin Galina;
    Zaharchuk Ivan;
    Kaminets Svetlana;
    Korotash Taras;
    Zinaida Kravchenko;
    Zinaida Kutsenko;
    Martyniuk Nikolay;
    Minkowska Ludmila;
    Igor Nikitin;
    Pavlyk - Roman, Ludmila and little Nadia (Nadia’s pictures);
    Prischepa Vadim;
    Poyda Alexander;
    Polozov Victor;
    Sabadah Ivan;
    Slutsenko Petro and his family;
    Spornykov Valeriy;
    Tsyupy - Roman and Oksana;
    Chaplynske Natalie and her family
    Vitaly Shuplyk
    Tkalich Taras;
    Tkachuk - Evgen and Iryna;
    Janchenko Vladimir
    NGO "Civil Chamber of Kyiv" ( Kyiv, Ukraine)
    NGO "Parliamentary club NGO" ( Kyiv, Ukraine)
    "London - Euromaidan" ( London, UK)
    "Self-Defense Euromaidan. 8 hundred. 1 platoon " NGO (Kyiv, Ukraine)
    NGO "Institute for the Study of problems rule of law" ( Kyiv, Ukraine)
    NGO "Way of liberty" (Kyiv region. Ukraine)
    NGO "We - Kiev"
    NGO "Parent guardian" (Chernigov Ukraine)
    «Key card" Ltd ( Kyiv, Ukraine)
    "TV studio" New Format" Ltd.
    "Kiev Rus" Park
    "ALVIHO" Holding
    "L'Hirondelle" (Swallow) (m. Champigny sur Marne, France)
    NGO "Cultural center XXI Century "
    NGO "Institute of self-organization" (m. Kyiv, Ukraine)
    NGO "Human" (m. Ivano-Frankivsk, Ukraine)
    Site www.rol.org.ua
    Site www.yarema.info
    In this difficult time for our country, we ask to help to our soldiers who defend the territorial integrity of our country. Things needed: winter clothes and shoes, food, durable goods, painkillers, medicines.

Publication of 01 24, 2015.

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