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UN Study on Violence Against Children: European and Central Asia

March 28, 2005.

    *** In preparation for the Regional Consultation for the UN Study on
    Violence Against Children in Europe and Central Asia, "Stop Violence
    Against Children: Act Now!" to be held in July in Slovenia, the Working
    Group on Child Participation in the UN Study on Violence against
    Children, Europe and Central Asia is pleased to invite nominations of
    children and young person to participate in this Consultation and the
    preparatory meeting "Children and Young People Act Now!" which will
    precede it.
    The Europe and Central Asia Consultation is one of nine regional
    meetings that will be held globally as part of the two-year UN
    Secretary General's Study on Violence against Children. The Regional
    Consultations aim to mobilise governments and civil society to identify
    actions needed to address the issue of violence against children and
    provide inputs to the Study.
    Read the full story here: http://www.iicrd.org/cap/node/view/427

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