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Nova Doba newspaper about Kyiv and Kiev region



Documentary report about human rights in Ukraine

November 2, 2004.

    This autumn the project "Annual video-report about human rights in Ukraine" is started by The Rule of law foundation with Ukrainian Helsinki group on human rights, under financial support of the International Renaissance foundation.
     "Annual video-report about human rights" is a first project in Ukraine, which in the form of the documentary film will display the whole broad palette of the activity of Ukrainian law-defensive motion. The film-shooting during 2004-2005 will be held by The Rule of law foundation, at the same time UGS will form printed "Report about annual activity of the law-defensive NGO in Ukraine".
    The Editor team is in the process of forming now. So any law-defensive NGO is greeted to co-operate with us. If in your region occur the events, which, on your opinion are worth to be included in video-report, inform us immediately and we shall arrive to shoot it!
     Annual video-report on human rights will consist of such sections:
     1. Reform of judicial system
     2. Referencing of the people about break of the human rights
     3. Ensuring the human rights on life, honour and value, inviolability and liberty from tortures
     4. Ensuring the rights and liberties of the person in places of the deprivation of the liberty
     5. Realization of the right of the people on address in European court on human rights
     6. Protection of freedom of speech and right for information in Ukraine
     7. Ensuring the rights and liberties of the person on peace meetings, demonstrations and mass-meetings
     8. Protection of ownership in Ukraine
     9. Protection of the electoral rights of the people
     10. Judicial protection of the human rights

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