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July 5, 2005.

    The project THE NEW EUROPEAN BORDERS: A YOUNG PEOPLE POINT OF VIEW brings together 40 youngsters from Ukraine, Estonia, Italy and Russia. During the exchange 4 groups of 10 young people will meet in Samara, Russia to discuss the new possibilities opened by the EU enlargement to European youth and about the role of young people in modern society. Project will bring together very different countries, which have different connections to EU- EU founding member, a new member state, a country that would like to be a member and a country whose position is not that clear. The venue of the project- outside of EU borders - will give the theme additional interesting perspective. The topic “Europe” is connected to several keywords: new possibilities, equal possibilities, influence of young people in modern society, young person as an active citizen. Topics will be dealt with through different methods: group work, role-plays, simulation game etc. Project is funded by EU Youth program.
    Aim of the project:
    The project aims to bring together young people with different historical and social backgrounds and give them the possibility to share their views on what young people should be like and what they think about the life surrounding them.
    Long-term aim of the project is to give the participants possibility to acquire new skills, practice their foreign language and discussion skills. Those skills are considered essential in modern world. Through these activities project aims to support the participants development into active and responsible members of society. Project managers see the project as a starting point for organising similar kind of projects in the future. Youth exchanges, as a type of youth project is quite new type of activity in Ukraine and Russia. Hopefully the participants of the youth exchange will be future organisers of similar kind of international and community projects in the future.
    Time and venue
    Project will take place on August 6-14, 2005 in Samara, Russia.
    Profile of participant
    Target group of the project is young people aged 20-25 - that is young adults who already have some knowledge and opinions about world and Europe. They have already participated at local elections and thus know the meaning of citizenship. At the same time the target group is one of the biggest risk groups when it comes to unemployment and other social risks.
    Ukrainian group
    Group from Ukraine will consist of 10 young people aged 20 – 25.
    Conditions for participation
    - 20 – 25 years of age
    - Ability to communicate in English
    Cost of participation
    Project is supported by European Union program Youth. The program covers the costs of program, accommodation, food, insurance and 70% of the transportation costs. Participation in the project for Ukrainian participants costs 120$ (There might be reimbursement of the $120 or part of this sum).
    To apply:
    To apply for the program, please send
     A motivation letter in English of maximum 1 page (Times New Roman, 12) that would answer the following questions:
    - Why do you want to take part in this project?
    - What is your personal opinion about the role and position of Ukraine in Europe?
     Personal details (Your name & surname, date of birth, e-mail, phone number)
    The deadline is June 15, 2005.
    Day 1 Arrival
    Day 2
    Getting to know each other
    Introduction of project, program, setting aims and expectations.
    Day 3
    Workshop: “Traditions in modern society”
    - why are traditions necessary
    - are traditions out-of-date or are they becoming stronger
    - differences and similarities between countries.
    National evening 1: introduction of a participating country.
    Day 4
    Workshop: History of European integration
    Presentations: My country attitude towards European integration.
    National evening 2: introduction of a participating country.
    Day 5
    Field trip to Samara region
    Day 6
    Workshop: Role of young people in society. Youth vs active citizen
    Role play: equal opportunities and cultural differences.
    National evening 3: introduction of a participating country.
    Day 7
    Simulation game: Council of a municipality
    Topic: local government, youth and Europe.
    National evening 4: introduction of a participating country.
    Day 8
    Excursion to Samara
    Day 9
    Group work: what we, as young people can do to increase co-operation and how can we participate actively. Why should we do it?
    Day 10 Conclusions and planning further activities.
    Tatiana Yusipenko
    tel./fax: 8 048 777 20 76
    mob.: 8 067 486 33 52
    ICQ 252572766

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