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Motorway bridges for frogs?

July 6, 2005.

    The Russian news agency ITAR TASS today circulated a story entitled: EU granted 10 million Euros to build road crossings for frogs across the international motorway in Lviv Oblast/ ЕС выделил 10 млн евро на создание переходов для лягушек через международную трассу во Львовской области ЛЬВОВ, 5 июля. / Корр. ИТАР-ТАСС Галина Некрасова/.
    This story was widely picked up and circulated by Ukrainian media.
    The staff of the EC Delegation has read the story with a great deal of merriment. However, after the laughter has died down we would like to inform all interested parties that in spite of the high priority given to environmental issues in the framework of EU-Ukraine relations, the protection of frogs on international roads has not yet made it to the list of top priorities of the EU-Ukraine Action Plan.
    To put it simply, the EC the biggest provider of technical assistance to Ukraine, has no on-going projects (10 million Euros or otherwise) for construction of road crossings for frogs in Ukraine nor does it plan any.
    What we do have is a press and information service available to assist with any requests for information from journalists-including those from neighbouring countries-who wish to check the facts of their stories on the EC’s activities in Ukraine before publication.
    Press service of the Delegation of the European Commission to Ukraine
    Tel: (044) 253 30 20

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