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The 3rd World Youth Congress

July 11, 2005.

    The 3rd World Youth Congress will bring 600 of the world’s most
    dynamic young activists in the field of sustainable development to
    Scotland from 120 different countries (including 100 from the UK).
    The congress offers a unique opportunity to meet and work alongside
    young people who are really doing things and going places. This event
    sets a new standard for international youth events, and will be the
    largest and most inspirational gathering of its kind for young people
    taking place anywhere in the world in 2005.
    There is a strong role at the Congress for young journalists, cultural
    performers (e.g. dancers / actors / film makers / musicians), as well
    as for those with an interest in sustainable development, but less
    personal experience in this area.
    Read the full story here: http://www.iicrd.org/cap/node/view/511

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