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EU funded project for Small and Medium Enterprises in Agriculture to expand its activities to three regions of Ukraine

July 18, 2005.

    After continuous negotiations and consultations between the Ministry of Agrarian Policy of the Ukraine and the Project “Improvement of Logistic Services and Marketing Channels for SMEs in Agriculture” team, an agreement was reached to adopt a regional approach of the Project implementation. This regional approach will enable the Project team to concentrate its activities on a more wide geographic scale. Thus, the following three regions have been identified for Project operations:
    Central region – with Kiev being the core oblast. This region will cover Kiev, Kiev oblast and will focus on further development of Zhashkiv livestock market in Cherkassy region; Western region – with Ternopil being the core oblast. The Project team will concentrate its activities in Ivano-Frankivsk, Ternopil, Chernivtsi oblasts. It is also planned to develop one wholesale market in Lviv; Eastern region – with Kharkiv being the core oblast. The project activities will be expanded to Kharkiv, Donetsk, Sumy, and Zaporizhzhia oblasts.
    After identifying the Project regions of activities the Project held two regional launch conferences: in the Eastern region – in Kharkov and in the western region – in Zalishchyky town, Ternopil oblast.
    The purpose of both conferences was to establish favorable relationship with oblast policy makers, Project stakeholders and with other representatives of Project target audience; to introduce the project activities in the regions, introduce the world best practices of supply chain and marketing channels development.
    The conferences were attended by representatives of agricultural producers, private farmers, farmers associations, processing enterprises, buyers, and representatives of the local government and administrations and representatives from the De! legation of the European Commission to Ukraine. After the official part of the presentation the project team facilitated an open discussion where the following questions were discussed: marketing development as well as necessity of fresh vegetables and fruits supply chain development in a specific region and overall situation in the agricultural sector of the region.
    The regional launch conferences enabled the project team to get necessary information about agricultural sector development in the regions, conditions of small and medium enterprises operations and specific needs of agricultural producers and buyers. The next step in the project’s activities will be enterprises evaluation and selection to participate in the project.
    The Ministry of Agrarian Policy of the Ukraine and the Delegation of the European Commission to Ukraine initiated the Project “Improvement of Logistic Services and Marketing Channels for SMEs in Agriculture” which was designed by the European Union’s Technical Assistance Programme to increase incomes to household producers and agro-food producers SMEs to improve the social and economic welfare of the rural population and to contribute to the privatization process in agriculture, promote the rationalisation of marketing channels and to help stabilise the interests of market participants.
    For more information about the Project “Improvement of Logistic Services and Marketing Channels for SMEs in Agriculture” visit the project website at www.agrilogistics.com.ua.

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