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July 29, 2005.

    *** The National Democratic Institute for International Affairs (NDI) is pleased to announce the commencement of its Executive Internship Program, aimed at bringing a new generation of professionals into Ukraine’s government agencies. This program seeks to bolster the new government’s ability to implement reforms and live up to the democratic standards to which it has committed.
    NDI will recruit two categories of participants to its Executive Internship Program: interns and current employees of the Ukrainian government. After intensive training in Kyiv, both groups will be placed in the government agencies of eastern European countries for one month. They will work alongside civil servants, gain practical skills, and develop deeper insights into the principles and practical execution of democratic governance.
    Upon their return to Ukraine, participating interns will be placed in the ministries corresponding to their qualifications for further training. For the duration of the five-month program, NDI will provide interns and government staff with ongoing supervision and supplementary trainings. Participants will report on their internship results and will develop specific policy proposals for their respective ministries.
    Selection Criteria
    The NDI Executive Internship Program is designed to engage qualified young individuals striving to improve their professional performance and gain practical experience in the central executive bodies of Ukraine and east European countries.
    Potential interns must satisfy the following criteria:
     To be a citizen of Ukraine under 30 with a good command of Ukrainian;
     To have a master’s degree;
     To have significant professional and/or academic achievements;
     To know basic English;
     To have a desire and the qualifications for work in a government agency.
    Current staff members of government agencies must satisfy all of the above-mentioned criteria and have been recruited by the new government no earlier than six months prior to application to this program.
    Selection will be conducted by a seven-member Selection Board and will be governed by the principles of transparency and equality of opportunity.
    Participants will receive a stipend to cover living expenses and accommodation costs incurred while working abroad.
    Expected duration of the program: October 2005 to March 2006.
    Deadline for application is August 19.
    Additional information is available at the NDI website: www.ndi.kiev.ua.

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