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Tacis Cities Awards announced

October 31, 2006.

    October 23, 2006, Brussels
    The EU has granted EUR 1.6 million for environmental improvements in Belarus, Georgia, Moldova, Russia and Ukraine as part of its Tacis Cities Award Scheme (TCAS). The funds will be used for sustainable waste management, public awareness raising and water treatment in ten municipalities situated along the EU’s borders. TCAS funded projects will target the following specific issues:
    In Belarus:
    ° improved solid waste management and disposal in Beloozersk and Bereza, Brest Oblast.
    In Georgia:
    ° improved collection, processing and disposal of medicinal waste in Batumi and Kobuleti; and
    ° improved municipal waste management and public awareness in Kutaisi.
    In Moldova:
    ° improved waste management in the town of Edinet, including separated waste collection;
    ° separated waste collection in the town of Falesti;
    ° upgrading of the communal waste water treatment plant of the town Hincesti on the Cogilnic river;
    ° pioneering environmnetally friendly solid waste collection management system in the municipalities of Cahul and Cantemir, and providing information to the public; and
    ° launching a waste collection and processig system, and boosting public awareness in the town of Leova.
    In the Russian Federation:
    ° completing the new environmentally-sound municipal landfill of Apatiti, Murmansk region, and recultivation of the old one.
    In Ukraine:
    ° sustainable collection and processing of municipal solid waste in Ivano-Frankivsk.
    TCAS helps municipalities bordering the enlarged union to accomplish their documented environmental priorities. TCAS funded projects shall result in measurable improvements in the quality of life for the inhabitants of the concerned municipalities.
    Local language information and details about the winning projects are available at <http://tcas.rec.org>;.
    For further information contact Pavel Antonov, tel. +36 20 3839851, <pavel@tcas.rec.org> or Tatiana Gaidarenko tel. +380-60 5025937 Tatiana@tcas.rec.org

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