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A New Program of the Component of Extracurricular School Activities has started in the frame of EU-funded project “Civic Education, Ukraine”

May 24, 2007.

    Kyiv, 23 May 2007
    In May 2007 a new program of the extracurricular school activities in the frame EU-funded project “Civic Education – Ukraine” has been started. “Democratic school” is not just a program, but first of all an opportunity to develop school communities, when all stakeholders gather together to discuss the idea “How good quality school should look like”, seek ways to improve and such democratic procedures, which helps schools to modernize and to solve problem by democratic means. The main goal of this program is to create and develop democratic institutes and traditions in the school community as tools for democracy development.
    Tasks of the program “Democratic school” are as follows:
    1. to promote internal and external development of school community by strengthening of the relations between stakeholders and development of joint initiatives,
    2. to stimulate school leadership for development of democratic initiatives,
    3. to strengthen and develop existing democratic institutes of school self-government,
    4. to promote the importance of the school community for public life.
    6 school teams out of pilot Volyn, Kherson, Vinnistya Oblasts and Kyiv city were selected to participate in the program (school # 30, Vinnistya, Luceum 3 100 “Podil” and Kyiv Gymnasia of Eastern Languages, Kyiv, Dubechna and Kiverska schools in Volyn Oblast. Chkalivska school of Kherson oblast). Each team includes pupils, teachers, school administrators and a representative of parents’ community. During next 6 months it is planned to conduct a number of trainings for democracy development, to promote the activities of the school teams and to promote the exchange of experiences among participants.
    Participants of the program – teachers, pupils, parents, NGOs plan to discuss the quality of school and its readiness to meet the challenges of modern society in different fields: school as place of study and work, school as place for up-bringing a development, school as a place for development of local culture etc.
    Participants of the program expect that experience received during the program will be valuable for Ukrainian teacher society.
    For further information on the project please contact
    David Royle, International Team Leader, Cambridge Education, Ukraine
    Civic Education Project
    Tel: (+380-44) 4665467; 2386389; 5685780; Fax: (+380-44) 2308102
    E-mail: David.Royle@ced.kiev.ua

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