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The Regional Programme on Human Rights for participants from Eastern

June 7, 2007.

    The objective of the programme is to provide participants with in-
    depth knowledge of international and regional systems for the
    promotion and protection of human rights, regional and international
    monitoring mechanisms and national implementation procedures in the
    field of human rights. The programme will also provide an opportunity
    for participants to exchange ideas and experiences from their national
    contexts. Through the programme, participants will gain knowledge in
    the area of human rights which can be utilized in the participants'
    own line of work.
    The programme will accept 25 participants and is primarily designed
    for mid-level and senior officials in public service (e.g. in
    government, the judiciary and central police and prison authorities)
    as well as representatives (e.g. lecturers and researchers) from
    academic institutions and non-governmental organisations dealing with
    human rights issues.
    During Phase I of the programme, participants will be requested to
    formulate, in writing, an individual assignment identifying challenges
    in implementing international human rights standards focusing on a
    particular issue or area of relevance to their respective institution
    or organisation.
    The issue or area of focus in the individual assignment should concern
    one of the following topics:
    Minority Rights
    Rights of vulnerable groups (persons with disabilities, migrants,
    HR of women
    Independence of judiciary
    National application of ECHR
    Applicants must submit a draft of their individual assignment when
    applying to the programme.
    Candidates from the following countries are invited to apply: Albania,
    Armenia, Azerbaijan, Belarus, Bosnia-Herzegovina, Croatia, Georgia,
    Kazakhstan, Kyrgyz Republic, Macedonia, Moldova, Montenegro, Russian
    Federation, Serbia (including Kosovo), Tajikistan, Ukraine and
    Important information about the application process - please read
    before applying:
    Applications from other states than those mentioned above, will NOT be
    There is a specific application form that must be used when applying.
    You can download it from this site, or apply directly using the
    electronic application form. (Sending only your CV will NOT be
    regarded as an application.)
    Information brochures and application forms have been sent to Swedish
    Embassies/Consulates in the invited countries;
    Application forms can be sent to the Raoul Wallenberg Institute either
    by fax, email or regular mail;
    When using the electronic application form, the confirmation page
    (automatically generated when sending the electronic application form)
    must be sent in to the Raoul Wallenberg Institute in order for the
    application to be completed.
    Last date for submitting applications is July 29, 2007.
    Electronic application form: http://www.rwiapplications.se/37EU/

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