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EU-funded project on SME support successfully delivers SWAP seminar to the State Committee of Ukraine for Regulatory Policy and Entrepreneurship

June 19, 2007.

    The EU-funded Project “Ukraine: SME Support Services in Priority Regions” provided an introductory training course on the Sector Wide Approach (SWAP) programme planning and implementation tool to selected employees of the State Committee of Ukraine for Regulatory Policy and Entrepreneurship (SCURPE).
    The participants of this three-day seminar were initiated to this new EU approach for delivering international aid to beneficiary countries. Major attention was dedicated to the necessity of Ukraine and especially the Ukrainian government to comply with the requirements of this new donor aid approach, which is already successfully implemented in many countries throughout the world.
    The training was highly participatory, enabling the participants to learn the impacts of the proposed SWAP approach on their future co-operation with the European Commission in the framework of the EuropeAid support programmes.
    Of particular interest for participants was the European Neighbourhood Programme and how it operates.
    For more information please contact:
    Alexander Markus
    Tel./Fax: +380 44 285 66 65
    SME Policy Advice & Regulatory Framework Expert
    Victoria Tetyora
    Project Training and Dissemination Expert
    Tel.: +380 44 501 10 42

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