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Ukrainian-European Policy and Legal Advice Centre (UEPLAC) will hold a round table on Ukrainian Prison Health Policy and Harm Reduction Interventions

July 18, 2007.

    , European Best Practices
    A round table Prison Health and Harm Reduction: practical implementation of harm reduction interventions and European best practices will take place on 16-17 July 2007.
    The Round Table will be focused on the international experience of implementation of the needle and syringe exchange programmes in prisons; increase knowledge and understanding about why implementation of pilot projects of needle and syringe exchange programs is particularly relevant in any HIV prevention strategy; increase knowledge about the steps that will be undertaken before pilot projects will start in late 2007; increase the political commitment to support needle and syringe exchange programs in prisons as an essential component of broader efforts to reduce HIV transmission in Ukraine.
    The event is organised in cooperation with the State Department of Ukraine for Execution of Sentences.
    Participants of the Round Table will be the members of the Technical Working Group on Prison Health, the stuff of the prisons engaged in the implementation of pilot harm reduction initiatives, and other relevant national and international stakeholders.
    The best European Practices on prevention of HIV/AIDS will be presented by Mr Edoardo Spacca, the UEPLAC Legal Adviser on Justice, Freedom and Security, Moderator of the Round Table.
    Contact person: Ms Yyuliya Golovanova, (044) 278 85 69

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