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EU-funded Project, “Strengthening Multisectoral Approaches towards HIV/AIDS Prevention among Youth in Ukraine” (SMAHAPY) is organizing a three-day “Combined training for multisectoral service assessment and strategic planning” on August 28 – August, 30.

August 28, 2007.

    The training is intended both: to train participants on applied principles in Monitoring and Evaluation of HIV/AIDS prevention and HLS promotion in multisectoral cooperation and to discuss the necessity, study processes and mechanisms of introduction of Strategic Planning to prevent HIV spread and minimize negative effects from HIV/AIDS epidemic. The Strategic planning will be approached in the context of multisectoral approach, aiming to assure joining resources and capabilities of all the parties interested in this problem.
    The first phase of the mentioned training was an on-site training on Monitoring and Evaluation of service provision held on 16-17 August in Lviv and 20-21 August in Donetsk, where trainees learned the basic principles of Monitoring and Evaluation in social services. During the second phase the trainees will learn how to modify the Monitoring and Evaluation principles in any project design and on regular basis.
    The organizers of the round table invited representatives from Donetsk, Lviv and Odesa Departments of Education of oblast state administrations, Health Departments of oblast state administrations, Oblast Social Services for Family, Children, and Youth, representatives of Regional Coordination Councils and nongovernmental organizations.
    SMAHAPY has been implemented in Ukraine since April 2005. This EU project helps the Ukrainian Government fight HIV/AIDS epidemic in Ukraine by improving educational measures for the prevention of HIV/AIDS among the youth through mobilization and cooperation of national multisectoral stakeholders pursuant to the National Program for Fighting HIV/AIDS for 2004 through 2008.
    Basically, the Project focuses on strengthening the capacities of service providers in the area of health, education and services in the social sector and for the minors through multisectoral strategic planning and management for the purpose of effective promotion of healthy lifestyle and prevention of HIV/AIDS among the youth.
    More information: Valeriy Yakhno, Project Coordinator, tel.: +38 044 537 70 92/3

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