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Nova Doba newspaper about Kyiv and Kiev region



December 19 – In the last 24 hours, 5 Ukrainian military were killed and 7 wounded in the ATO area, – informed NSDC spokesman Andriy Lysenko.

December 20, 2014.

    December 19 – The leader of Sevastopol-based separatists Oleksiy Chalyi has said that annexation of Crimea was being planned long before "Maidan": "Yes, we were preparing for annexation in 2004 and 2008. But then the situation didn't reache such an extreme as last year, when Yanukovych refused to sign an Association agreement with the European Union".
    December 19 – Secretary of the National Security and Defense Council Oleksandr Turchynov believes is it only possible to force Russia out of Ukraine by having a powerful army, whereas diplomacy, including Western, is in this case, powerless.
    December 19 – A response force consisting of several hundred thousand servicemen, who can be deployed within 24 hours, will be created in Ukraine, – stated NSDC Secretary Oleksandr Turchynov.
    December 19 – Belarusian Orthodox Church intends to ask for a self-governing status within Moscow Patriarchate. Even Belarusian Orthodox have finally rebelled.
    December 19 – Migrant workers are leaving Russia en masse as a result of ruble weakening and the law, which obliges them to take a fee-based Russian language test, – said Muhammad Amin, the Head of Russian Federation of Workers.
    December 19 – The ban on flights to Zaporizhia airport, which was introduced by airspace authorities of Ukraine, has been extended December 23rd, 2014. The danger that a plane can be hit by Russian terrorists obviously remains.
    December 19 – Canada is introducing additional economic sanctions against Russia, said Canadian Prime Minister Stephen Harper. In particular, the Prime Minister has announced a ban on entry for 20 Russian and Ukrainian citizens, as well as new restrictions on export of Russian technologies used in oil exploration and mining industry.
    December 18 – "In Krasnodon, there is a conflict among the bandit formations of "LPR"."The cause of the conflict is the overtaking by one of the groups of the terrorists of the secret base of the contraband transport which belongs to another bandit formation," – organizer of the group Informational Opposition, Dmytro Tymchuk.
    December 18 – From the moment of introducing the "Silent regime"on September 5th, as a result of shootings by Russian terrorists, some 162 soldiers of the Armed Forces of Ukraine perished – Speaker of the General Staff of ZSU, Vladislav Selezniov on Septmber 5th.
    September 18 – The training ship of the Baltic flotilla, "Smolnyi" with Russian goods of two ship of the "Mistral" type which France had in the end not sold to Russia, left the Sain Nazer Port in France where these ships are waiting for the Russian fleet. The contract for the building of the helicopters of the Mistral type worth 2 million euro was set up in June 2011. The first ship was to be transfered to Russia on November 1, 2014 but did not happen due to the Russian aggression towards Ukraine. At the beginning of December, the French Minister of Defense, Jean-Iv Le Drian stated that the transfer of the "Mistrals" to Russia, will not be simply put off, but may be totally cancelled. On the day beforehand, Russian soldiers were actively buying goods at the local French stores. ff, but may be cancelled all together if Russia's position towards Ukraine does not change. Eventually R F President Volodymyr Putin stated that Russia will demand the return of money if it does not receive the "Mistral". On the day beforehand, Russian soldiers were actively buying goods at the local French stores.
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