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The Black Sea Trust for Regional Cooperation (BST) promotes good governance, stability and security in the Wider Black Sea region.

January 11, 2015.

    The Trust encourages accountable, transparent, and open governments; strong, effective civic sectors; independent, objective and professional media; constant dialogue between groups and societies in conflict areas; coherent and effective European policies in and on the region; strong transatlantic cooperation in promoting stability and development of the region.
    The goal of this call for applications is to support civic non-partisan organizations, coalitions, and initiatives from Ukraine to promote democratic practices of citizen participation in the decisionmaking process at local and regional level.
    The Black Sea Trust for Regional Cooperation invites proposals from organizations from all regions of Ukraine, in the following areas:
    1. Practices of citizen participation at local and regional level: advocacy campaigns to
    promote the development of the community, involvement in designing and implementing public policies, monitoring of local public institutions;
    2. Creating linkages and enhancing communication between groups and organizations from various regions of Ukraine on topics of effective citizen participation, monitoring political decisionmaking process, monitoring and evaluation of policies, and advocacy campaigns on specific issues;
    3. Strengthening the media-NGO-local government cooperation on implementation of
    Projects should be exemplary, applicants are encouraged to be bold and creative, and have a realistic and economical budget calculation. Preference will be given to projects developed in and as a partnership between two or more organizations, and that involve grassroots approaches.
    The call for proposals is open to organizations and groups registered in Ukraine. New organizations are encouraged to apply. Organizations based in Kyiv are eligible only in partnership with groups or organizations from other regions of Ukraine.
    Duration of projects
    Maximum duration of projects is 12 months.
    How to apply
    Project proposals must be submitted in English only. The deadline for applications is January 31, 2015. All application forms are available below:
    Application Form
    Budget Form
    The average grant will be around $25,000 USD. Multilateral projects may exceed that amount in exceptional cases.
    All inquiries will be acknowledged by email within one week of receipt. Final decisions are typically announced within 10 weeks of application.
    Questions related to proposal preparation can be sent to Ana Aelenei at aaelenei@gmfus.org.
    Ana Aelenei
    The Black Sea Trust for Regional Cooperation

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