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Dear citizens of the free world!

March 18, 2015.

    Charitable Organization Rule of law foundation asks for humanitarian assistance to Ukraine and the Ukrainian army.
    We are one of the oldest charitable organizations in Ukraine. Our organization was founded in 1999. Our goal is to conduct social legal education of citizens of Ukraine and help rebuild the rule of law in Ukraine. (Our website also has 13 years www.rol.org.ua ). We conducted 37 international donor projects and programs in the field of media and human rights.
    Now the danger threatens not only the existence of our country - Ukraine, but all over the democratic, civilized world. Narration manager of elected govern this country by undemocratic, the man who pushed Russia into the abyss of confrontation with the entire civilized world, today roughly falsely occupied part of our country. And plans to continue his cynical attack on Ukraine, breaking all international rules, regulations and world order. Today dictator robs Donbas, and tomorrow his hordes come to Warsaw, Berlin, Paris ...
    No one can escape, sit or wait in this situation.
    We, Ukrainians, help our soldiers on the front of all available methods and tools. Overall Foundation "Rule of Law", was collected and transferred to the front more than 25 tons of humanitarian aid. Public organizations collected and transported to the front, warm clothes, food, medicine, and oven - stove. Thanks to everyone who participated in fundraising and financial aid for the front. (You can read a list of organizations and people :)
    There were difficulties in the supply of humanitarian aid to the front. For example, the military unit "Midnight» (www.facebook.com/severbat); raises funds for equipment for reconnaissance platoon. They need: UAV, retrofitted cars, buy two plates, extra batteries, car radios and more now. On the front is urgently needed about 35 thousand, or $ 1300. We are also starting to knit camouflage nets for spring "brilliant green." Those who wish to help please write or call us!
    It is necessary to our army on the eve of a possible terrorist attack, supported by Putin! We ask all civilized COMMUNITY AID to stop the ruthless invaders!
    Anyone can help front, volunteer or send money: recipient:
    Charitable Organization "Foundation" Rule of Law ":
    Kiev branch" PrivatBank ";
    MFO 321842, EDRPOU / GRFL: 25,729,133;
    (Ukrainian hryvnia) p/p 26000053124906,
    (Euro) 26002053138699,
    (USD) 26004053147990;

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