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NGO The Institute of Public Self-Organization Development in cooperation with the National Pedagogical M.P. Dragomanov University launched a project “Be a Leader of Civil Society in Ukraine”, aimed at training professionals in management of civil society.

April 22, 2015.

    A goal of this project as we see it is to form the young generation with a high level of civic consciousness, able to work professionally with public administrations, actively fight corruption, and implement necessary reforms in the system of local governance.
    Highly appreciating your contribution to the development of civil society and democracy in Ukraine, we are writing to request your support for the efforts of the National Pedagogical Dragomanov University and the Institute of Public Self-organization Development, which are ready to start prepare leaders for Ukrainian NGOs under the Organizational Management Program with a concentration in NGO Management at the bachelor and master levels, and under the Administrative Management Program with a concentration in Managing the Civil Society Development, already in academic year 2015/16. The study programs will recruit young people with leadership skills and experience in social work, who seek active participation in the development of civil society and want to get necessary managerial knowledge and skills. Special priority will be given to young people who were forced to leave a zone of the Anti-Terrorist Operation and do not have sufficient resources to receive high-quality education.
    Persons who already have university diplomas will benefit from two master-level programs: Project Management (specialty – Project Manager) and Consolidated Information (specialty – Analyst). For such persons, the university also offers a program in NGO Management in the framework of the Project.
    We would highly appreciate your support to our fundraising campaign and contacting donor organizations with a goal of project co-financing.
    tel/ 044 2233393

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