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NGO GoGlobal is looking for volunteers from all over the world!

April 22, 2016.

    In Ukraine, currently, only a limited circle of children have access to modern language camps because of their exclusivity and because many parents can't afford to send their children to language camps abroad. That's why GoGlobal teamed up with the Ministry of Education of Ukraine, U.S. Embassy in Ukraine, Microsoft and other partners in the private and public sector and decided to organize such camps in Ukraine – they’re called GoCamps.
    The team make them more accessible to everyone – this summer, for the first time a large number of children will be able to experience a true modern summer vacation. GoCamps are modified summer day-camps provided by state schools in June on regular basis.
    And so now NGO GoGlobal are calling for volunteers to dedicate several weeks this summer to assist teachers with various types of activities at GoCamps in 119 schools from all over the Ukraine. Camps will take place for 2 - 3 weeks, from June 4 to June 26. Food, accommodation and travel expenses within Ukraine are covered!
    For more details please visit http://goo.gl/MeV3qk
    or contact join@goglobal.com.ua.

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