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DeHack Dunaivtsi: Bringing digital solutions closer to amalgamated hromadas

May 9, 2019.

    The decentralisation hackathon DeHack Dunaivtsi to be held on 3-5 May in the Dunaievetska amalgamated hromada, Khmelnytskyi Oblast.
    U-LEAD with Europe is conducting a hackathon in the Dunaievetska amalgamated hromada from 3 to 5 May. The hackathon is part of a series of events under the title: Dehack – Hackathon for Decentralisation.
    A hackathon is a design sprint-like event where IT programmers, graphic designers, project managers, as well as subject-matter-experts collaborate intensively on digital solution.
    The aim of the Dehack hackathon is to create IT projects or specific software that will serve as a starting point for addressing problems that amalgamated hromadas encounter during the decentralisation process, namely the issues of local ecology, tourism development, local finance control, receipt and processing of citizens’ complaints.
    Participants will be supported by experienced mentors: IT professionals, representatives of amalgamated hromadas, business experts, civil society and media. Each of them will help teams with the project development. The three best solutions will be awarded with special awards which are designed to support further development of the solution.
    The DeHack Dunaivtsi is the fifth hackathon in the DeHack series. Lviv was the first city to host DeHack, followed by Dnipro, Odesa and Trostianets.
    This year the DeHack hackathons focus on even closer cooperation with amalgamated hromadas. This is why each hackathon of three planned events will be organised in amalgamated hromadas to ensure closer collaboration and connection between hromadas as beneficiaries of developed solutions and developers as potential suppliers.
    Please find further information on https://dehack.today/ or by contacting Artem Komolov, digital reform communications adviser, by phone 067 506 15 07 or e-mail artem.komolov@giz.de.

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