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EU support for the digital economy and society: visit www.eufordigital.eu – an information hub for digital developments in the Eastern Partnership - now available also in Ukrainian

November 7, 2019.

    EU4Digital has launched its website – www.eufordigital.eu – a multilingual platform that gathers information, news and resources about the European Union’s support for developing the digital economy and society in the Eastern Partnership region.
    The harmonisation of digital markets is one of the EU’s key policy deliverables for providing tangible results to citizens in Armenia, Azerbaijan, Belarus, Georgia, the Republic of Moldova and Ukraine. EU support in this area is channelled through the EU4Digital initiative, which brings together priority actions and programmes in the field.
    The EU4Digital website highlights that support across the initiative’s six thematic areas, each of which has a dedicated page with relevant information, news, events and success stories:
    Telecom rules: find out how EU support will bring benefits to citizens and businesses through lower roaming costs, stronger regulation allowing greater competition and investments, as well as consumer rights, and new broadband opportunities.
    Trust and Security: by developing trust and security in the digital economy, EU support facilitates electronic transactions, making them safer, faster and cheaper, and contributes to the resilience of critical digital infrastructure in areas such as telecoms, energy, transport, or banking.
    eTrade: simpler export procedures through paperless trade and electronic logistics will reduce border delays, increase the security of operations, cut costs, and improve the competitiveness of the digital economy.
    ICT Innovation: see how the EU supports ICT innovation to encourage the sharing of research excellence and cross-border investments, opening EU markets to start-ups from the region, and creating jobs for talented young people.
    eHealth: support for eHealth systems will deliver benefits for patients, as well as health systems and professionals, resulting in healthier citizens, greater efficiency in provision of care, more responsive insurers, and better regulation.
    eSkills: by supporting the development of digital skills, the EU is helping to match skills with the demands of emerging sectors, contributing to jobs, private sector development, and dynamic economic growth.
    Apart from these thematic pages, the website also filters content into country pages gathering relevant material, which is also available in national languages, including Ukrainian.
    In addition to digital policy information, news, events and success stories, the EU4Digital website includes a library that includes reports, agreements, policy documents, academic publications, studies and factsheets. Materials can be searched by country, theme and publication type.
    So bookmark www.eufordigital.eu to stay in touch with digital developments and how EU support is helping to build the digital society and economy in the Eastern Partnership region.
    For additional information, please contact Ms Vladislava Punik, Action Global Communications, vladislava.p@actionprgroup.com or tеl. +38 068 921-17-67.

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