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Zaporozhie: Tents camp near Regional State Administration grew up by two tents more

January 24, 2005.

    *** Tents camp near Regional State Administration grew up by two tents more and makes five tents in total. Pavel Broide, the Head of Tutorial council of “Slavonic Guards”, social and political organization, made the statement.
    As he said, about 20 residents are living or permanently present in the camp.
    Residents of Zaporozhie, of pension age mainly, come to the tents. Most of them express support to the participants of protest action. Some of them bring warm clothes and food products.
    In accordance with representatives of “Slavonic Guards”, there were no any provocations from the side of Victor Yuschenko’s supporters. The position of City authorities is also neutral so far. “We sent a corresponding application to the executive committee of City. The protest action is absolutely legal”, - Pavel Broide said. “We’ll be here as long as it is necessary”.
    As it was earlier informed by DVC, first tents were set up at the central square of Zaporozhie in the evening of 20th of January. The setting up was organized by “Slavonic Guards” in support of Victor Yanukovitch and against Victor Yuschenko’s coming to the Power.
    “Slavonic Guards” was founded in Zaporozhie Region in 2003. The organization consists of 60 members at the age of from 18 to 30. “Slavonic Guards” works in “joint cooperation” with “Russian bloc” and “Brotherhood” parties.

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