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Kinah pretend to the post of The Vice-premier

January 25, 2005.

    Chairman of Ukrainian union of industrialists and businessmen Anatoly Kinah does not exclude an opportunity he could hold a post of the Vice-prime minister on the questions of industrial policy. In the interview to journalists he noted that “such variant” was also probable.
    At the same time Kinah added that he had been working for last 15 years on all supreme posts in the state and for him it was not end in itself.
    Besides Kinah noted that for him it was very essentially that during forming of the new authority in Ukraine, the Cabinet and local authorities were precisely executed the principles and criteria of personnel selection: both professional and moral qualities of people and ability to work in the interests of the state and a society.
    According to Kinah if the government is formed on the above-stated criteria the members of Ukrainian Unions of Industrialists and Entrepreneurs and he himself will be ready to cooperate with it, “including concrete posts”. But for all that he added that “concrete conversation” with the President concerning a post in Ministry is still lie ahead.

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