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PROJECT „PARLIAMENT NGO CLUB” (Letter of inquiry for support of the project)

February 16, 2005.

    Dear Sirs or madams,
    Please find the Letter of inquiry of our possible co-operation within the project “Parliament’s NGO Club”.
    The project was started in September 2003 by Foundation for Peoples’ Social and Rights protection “Rule of Law”, Eurasia foundation, Committee for State Development and Local Self-government; and Sub-committee for Public Organizations and the Law of Election in Supreme Rada. The Club meetings are conducted monthly at the address: Hrushevskogo 18/2, room 12. Its President is Volodymir Bondarenko, Chairman of the Sub-committee for Public Organizations and the Law of the Election in Supreme Rada, People’s Deputy of Ukraine. Aim of the project is to intensify NGO influence on taking decisions in the country, and to improve legislative ground for THIRD SECTOR activity in Ukraine by co-operation of people’s deputies and public organizations.
    The Club meetings are not only lobbying the interests of public organizations but is a form of strengthening relations between NGOs and Legislative authorities of Ukraine, including non-formal ones. Our meetings are also very helpful in social and rights aid to a wide circle of Ukrainian citizens, as on basis of the meetings documentary films and other media products are produced and then distributed at regional TV companies (partners in the project). Thus, Ukrainians will get informed that NGOs exist and really influence changes in Law in Ukraine. The meetings are attended by most representative and influent NGOs from all over Ukraine. These are 176 persons from 119 public organizations. At the meetings such subjects were considered: NGO influence on social and political situation in Ukraine; NGO’s access to taking decisions in the state; Problems of interrelations between peoples groups represented by certain public organization and legislative process in Ukraine; Problems of regional NGOs: access to decision- making centers and information resources, relations with local authorities and means of influence on decisions of local and central authorities; Activity of certain NGO types (ethnical, right-protecting, right-educating, ecological, Chernobyl’s, women’s and children’s, war veteran’s and retired and those involved in reformation of penitentiary system).
    As it has become evident in the course of the project, the ideas and proposals elaborated at the meetings may have a great value and meaning. However, the budget of the project did not include the cost of analyzing, expert’s evaluation and implementation those proposals into legislation spheres. Nevertheless, The Foundation “Rule of Law” as co-organizer of the project, by its own initiative and on its own cost, has put those proposals to corresponding committees of Supreme Rada and certain people’s deputies of Ukraine. (List of the proposals and committees is published in our bulletin “Rule of Law” (issues ## 3;4;5;6). People’s Deputies and Chairmen of Committees (Henadiy Udovenko and Anatoliy Matviyenko) have approved such our activity. We have attended all Committees meetings where put forward the matching proposals.
    We are planning to continue the project in a next year, but already with taking into account our elaborated proposals, and are going to perform them in the shape of legislative initiative. This is possible to implement through people’s deputies who are members of the club, the Committees and President of the club, Mr. Bondarenko as a deputy as well.
    Sure, an executive group build should master these proposals up of corresponding experts. In case, your organization finds it possible to support the project we will appreciate that and be happy to co-operate with you in common projects in future.
    In case of any questions, I am always ready to give a detailed explanation. Information is also available at www.rol.org.ua
    Please contact me: 380445380383, 380672099359 (cell.), spornikov@rol.org.ua
    Oleg Spornikov
    Foto - Meeting PARLIAMENT NGO CLUB

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