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UN Committee on the Rights of the Child: Public Day of Discussion to Focus on Children Without Parental Care

March 14, 2005.

    *** The Committee on the Rights of the Child has decided to devote its next
    day of general discussion, September 16, 2005 in Geneva, to the theme of
    children without parental care. The aim of the general discussion will
    be to discuss those aspects of the issue that have proved most
    problematic for States parties in order to contribute to the eventual
    drafting of UN Guidelines for the Protection of Children without
    Parental Care.
    The first working group will focus on the States' role in preventing
    regulating the institutionalisation of children. The second working
    group will focus on meeting the challenges of out-of-home care
    provision. The working groups will focus on identifying practical
    solutions in order to ensure that children's rights are respected.
    Read the full story here: http://www.iicrd.org/cap/node/view/422

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