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The Volunteer Headquarters of the Rule of Law Foundation invites you to join the efforts to help the Ukrainian Army and temporarily displaced Ukrainians with resources neede.

Dear supporters in Europe and around the Globe, the strength and spirit of the Ukrainian people combined with passion to unite during the most difficult times are the key factor to our future victories! So it has gone so it goes, so it will go! The Volunteer Center of our Foundation for Social and Legal Protection of People "Rule of Law" organizes, collects, stores and distributes various goods, accessories and financial resources to our soldiers, refugees and habitants of battle frontiers during the entire eight difficult years of the war to help them to fight, live and survive … Since the first day of the current hot part of the war started on February 24, 2022, we tripled our efforts to withstand the Russian aggression. 

We collect financial resources and purchase whatever our soldiers and civilians in danger need including medicine, food and other things, and send to our addressee who defend Ukraine or suffer from the war. All our reports are open and available at our web site www.rol.org.ua
We invite who wishes to help to join our efforts and help us defeat the enemy as soon as possible. Our phones: +380 44 2233373; +380 2233393; our email: rol.ukraine@gmail.com

Our HQ is in Kyiv for over 20 years now.

Website: www.rol.org.ua

To support us send your donations to:

Account holder: 

BO Chynnist Zakonu 

Kod EDRPO: 25729133 

We are a tax exempt organization 

Accounts in IBAN: 

UAH: UA813052990000026004010107077
EUR: UA783218420000026002053138699
USD: UA703218420000026004053147990

Bank Privatbank

Paypal: spornykov@gmail.com 

For crypto donations: 13cvERxhLHcAs4aoMHTysrd2oZuDvzQdjs

For crypto you may use the following link:



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