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17 лютого, 2004 р.

    Dear Sirs,
    In autumn 2003, on the initiative of The Ministry of Culture of Ukraine, unprecedented youth film project LOVE IS… was launched. Ten young Ukrainian film-makers attained an opportunity to make films upon the European standards and regulations of the today’s film production. But just at the phase of production they faced unexpected obstacles. In view of this, please consider our proposal of sponsors support in completing one of the project’s films.
    The PTAHOLove by Larysa Artyugina is a story of overcoming power of love that helps people, in particular disabled ones who denied ordinary joys of full-valued existence, to believe in themselves and change their lives. The film (shot on Fuji 35 mm, color, Ukrainian) is now on the process of editing and wiring. But when shooting period was over that the state funding of its production was ceased. It is digital editing, wiring, master-copying, distribution and festival future of the film etc. that are still ahead. That is why the film director and the group applied to The Foundation for People’s Social and Rights Protection «Rule of Law» for a support.
    Taking into account social significance of the film’s subject and highly creative author’s approach in its interpretation, The Foundation’s general meeting (protocol # 12/1 dated 2 February, 2004) took the decision to support the project by Larysa Artyugina. But the own means of The Foundation as a public charitable organization are, of course, not enough to complete the film. Therefore we apply to home and foreign sponsors for giving the film charitable pecuniary aid.
    Such an aid will be reflected in the film’s final credits while the pricipal sponsor will be presented in flash ad at its beginning. We would also like to inform our future partners that according to Ukrainian law currently in force the sponsors will have certain advantages. So, according to the paragraph 5.2.2 of The Law of Ukraine «On Profit», in case that the sponsor is a juridical person, amounts that have been upon his own accord transferred to the State budget of Ukraine, local budgets or non-profit organizations, are included into their gross inputs, but no more than 4% of taxable profit of the previous period under review.
    We express our sincere gratitude to all who will answer our petition to support youth national film-making in Ukraine.
    On the behalf of the film group Larysa Artyugina
    On the behalf of the Foundation Oleg Spornikov

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