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The Healthy Planet Forum is an event conducted in parallel with the forthcoming 4th Budapest Ministerial Conference on Environment and Health, 'The Future for Our Children'

22 червня, 2004 р.

    *** Issues of importance to be covered at the ministerial conference include:
    * Progress on environment and health in Europe
    * Strengthening the policy-making base
    * Issues of emerging or increasing importance
    * A special focus on the Children's Environment and Health Action Plan for Europe, CEHAPE
    The Healthy Planet Forum is…
    * designed to ensure meaningful participation of Civil Society in the Ministerial conference
    * a prerequisite to raising awareness of the key issues on the agenda and ensuring civil society buy-in leading up to, during and following the event
    * instrumental in effecting change and developing and sustaining the necessary momentum for a successful Ministerial Conference and follow-up
    It takes the form of workshops, presentations, seminars, roundtable discussions, NGO forums, committees participating in ministerial policy decisions, poster presentations, a parallel conference declaration, and much more.
    Programme areas
    * Indoor air pollution
    * Outdoor air pollution
    * Poor water supply and inadequate sanitation
    * Inadequate dietary intake
    * Food contamination
    * Inadequate building standards and materials
    * Hazardous chemicals
    * Radiation and electromagnetic fields (EMF)
    * Ultraviolet (UV) radiation
    * Noise
    * Mobility and transport
    * Environmental emergencies
    * Occupational risks
    * Specific adverse social environments
    * Health and Environment
    Актуально до 22.06.2004
    Контакт Laszlo Perneczky, project manager
    Post: REC - Country Office Hungary, Ady Endre ut 9-11, H-2000, Szentendre,
    Phone: (36-26) 504 076
    Fax: (36-26) 302 137
    Email: coh@rec.org

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