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The NGO Alliance of The William Davidson Institute invites to co-operation

November 3, 2004.

    *** The NGO Alliance of The William Davidson Institute is a coalition of the groups of the public interest of the countries of Central, East Europe and C.I.S., which acts for the reason ensuring the successful transition from planned economy to market.
     NGO Alliance invites non-governmental organizations to participation in coalition, which have an experience of the work in such spheres:
     - innovational and commercial approaches to fight against poverty ;
     - corporative management, ethics of the business and anti-corruption actions;
     - an economic development;
     - trade and opened market.
     The Purpose of the Alliance NPO is popularization and exchange by information and spreading the positive experience for the sake of developments efficient and effective market, which work for people.
     Additional information, including advantages of membership, is possible to examine on http://www.wdV.bus.umVch.edu/research/ngo.
     The Organizations interested in such an information and in entering the coalition, are invited to give the demand-forms and short description of activity of the organizations.
     Kelly Janіga
     Wіllіam Davіdson Іnstіtute
     Source: Network "Information community",Kiev
     Resource-centre "Gurt"
     E-mail: іnfo@gurt.org.ua

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