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*** April 12, 2024. White Book of Memory. Price of Victory In the heart of every Ukrainian burns the flame of patriotism, ignited by the courage and self-sacrifice of those who give their lives for the independence and freedom of their native land. The Rule of Law Foundation, together wit ...>>>>>

*** March 22, 2024. NGO Under the project "Accountability and Capacity-building for Customs Oversight and Reform Development" (ACCORD), financially supported by the European Union. Project Objective: to increase transparency, accountability, and effectiveness of the customs authorities ...>>>>>

*** February 22, 2024. Rebuilding a safer future: the EU and Lithuania provide EUR 15.5 million for school shelters in Ukraine The European Union is allocating EUR 15 million to build new school shelters in Ukraine. Lithuania is contributing an additional EUR 0.5 million and taking respons ...>>>>>

*** February 15, 2024. Social project BRAMA As reported by the employees of the cybercrime resistance department in the city of Kyiv, inspectors Prontenko Liliya and Osadcha Natalia, due to the fact that on September 1, 2023, the President of Ukraine presented an innovative educational dig ...>>>>>

*** January 24, 2024. CHRISTMAS: A SEASON OF LOVE AND JOY SPREADING ACROSS BORDERS Christmas, a magical time of the year filled with warmth and kindness, shines brightest when we direct our attention to those who need it the most. This principle has been put into action for the second cons ...>>>>>

*** January 23, 2024. Volunteering School in Kyiv Region From January 19 to 21, 2024, the "Volunteering School" took place in the youth space of the town of Rokytno at "Space of Changes." The event was organized by the public organization "City of Changes" with the aim of providing partici ...>>>>>

*** January 22, 2024. OUR ANNUAL INITIATIVE: CHRISTMAS IS WHEN SOMEONE THINKS ABOUT YOU WITH LOVE! This timeless truth found its confirmation most beautifully once again. Volunteers from the "Rule of Law" Foundation (Kyiv), in collaboration with the "Integro" Foundation (Ivano-Frankivsk), ...>>>>>

*** November 27, 2023. Every Warrior's Life - Our Concern! We would like to inform you that the "Law in Action" Foundation and the Civil Chamber of Kyiv continue to collect and deliver ammunition and humanitarian aid to the front lines. In our latest initiative, we have successfully provid ...>>>>>

*** November 23, 2023. HIAS Ukraine and the NGO Girls Present Research on Mental Health Needs and Psychosocial Support for Ukrainians Kyiv, November 21, 2023. HIAS Ukraine and the non-governmental organization "Girls" have prepared and presented the results of a nationwide study on mental ...>>>>>

*** November 13, 2023. Commission adopts 2023 Enlargement package, recommends to open negotiations with Ukraine and Moldova to grant candidate status to Georgia and to open accession negotiations with BiH, once the necessary degree of compliance is achieved Enlargement package visual id ...>>>>>

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