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*** March 24, 2013. Statement of the EU Delegation to Ukraine on the personal attack of a FEMEN activist against MEP Elmar Brok Yesterday evening in Brussels, at the European Parliament, Femen Activist Alexandra Shevchenko made a topless attack against the European deputy, Chairman of the ...>>>>>

*** March 24, 2013. Press Release in reaction to the interview given a few days ago by Mr Kuzmin (Deputy Prosecutor General of the Ukraine) The accusations made by Mr Kuzmin are totally unfounded. On that day Mr Brok arrived in Kiev early in the morning and took a plane from Kiev to Tbilis ...>>>>>

*** March 21, 2013. Euroclubs promote European values in Ukraine Two thematic regional events in the framework of a project “Supporting Regional Euroclubs in Ukraine” funded by the EU Delegation to Ukraine were held in Kirovohrad and Dnipropetrovsk on 14-15 March. The EU Delegation provide ...>>>>>

*** March 17, 2013. Teachers from secondary school level. May 16-18 2013: Bratislava, Slovakia Teachers from secondary school level. This workshop is about competencies and their relationship to a successful project. http://www.etwinning.net/en/pub/index.htm ...>>>>>

*** March 17, 2013. Teachers from Kindergarten to primary school level April 25- 28 2013: Sofia, Bulgaria Teachers from Kindergarten to primary school level This workshop will explore the good pedagogical practices for the development of key competencies, and will be in English, Germ ...>>>>>

*** March 16, 2013. Handbook on EU funding for the Neighborhood released A handbook on “European Union Funding for the Neighbourhood and Russia” was released at the beginning of March. It seeks to demonstrate how some of the funding for the Neighourhood works, who is involved and where mor ...>>>>>

*** March 16, 2013. Racing closer to the Sustainable Energy Week Be a part of the European movement for energy efficiency! The EU Delegation to Ukraine together with its international and Ukrainian partners is preparing the next edition of the European Union Sustainable Energy Week (EUS ...>>>>>

*** March 16, 2013. Statement of the EU Delegation about Ukraine’s intention to revise its WTO commitments The EU Delegation in Ukraine was surprised to read comments by Valeriy Pyatnitskiy, the Ukrainian government's envoy for European Integration, that the EU has not provided any informa ...>>>>>

*** March 16, 2013. EIB pledges EUR 41 million loan for modernisation of Ukraine’s air navigation system The European Investment Bank (EIB) is providing a EUR 41 million loan to finance a comprehensive programme implemented by the Ukrainian State Air Traffic Service Enterprise, focused on ...>>>>>

*** February 17, 2013. Energy consumption in the EU has decreased by 6% since 2008 Twenty-three Member States registered decreases in their energy consumption between 2008 and 2011; only four registered increases, according to data published on 13 February by Eurostat, EU statistical offic ...>>>>>

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