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EU supports Energy Efficiency in Zakarpattia region

March 21, 2014.

    On March 12, 2014 the training and final conference “Ways to improve energy efficiency of budgetary institutions” took place in Irshava city. The event marked a closure of the EU-funded project “Through Energy Inspiring the Future Generations”, which started in 2012. The project aimed at improvement of managerial skills in implementation of energy efficient projects for civil servants of 6 small cities of Zakarpattia region and introduction of the energy effective model for kindergarten in Irshava city.
    The EU-funded project was implemented by the NGO “Crossroad connections” in partnership with Irshava City Council. 34 civil servants of small city municipalities of Zakarpattia oblast as well as directors of schools and kindergartens, public organizations representatives have participated in the training and final conference. The participants concluded that energy efficiency and energy saving is on top of agenda for many municipalities and local institutions in Zakarpattia.
    Dmytro Leskiv, Executive director of “Ukrainian non-profit Energy Agency”, mentioned several affordable and practical methods of energy saving and energy efficiency. Every institution could start from small-scale measures as radiator screens and energy saving lamps installation in educational institutions, while having investment from local budgets. Furthermore, municipalities, local communities and non-governmental organizations could participate in grant programs financed by the European Union to provide implementation of large-scale energy saving actions such as major repairs and building reconstructions. Both small and large measures help to save costs, reduce energy consumption and save the environment. “Launch of energy management system represented by two professionals at the municipal level in any small city would help to save tens or even hundreds thousands grivnas of the budget costs”, - stressed Mr. Leskiv.
    The mayor of Irshava city, Stepan Bobyk, has shared his impression from energy efficient actions in the city. One of its practical realization was a reconstruction of the Kindergarten No.1 in Irshava within the EU-funded project. “We have proved by our own experience that only complex approach to energy saving measures implementation leads to significant results”, this message the mayor addressed to the municipalities representatives of other small cities in Zakarpattia. Participants of the training had a chance to observe these changes during the on site the excursion to the reconstructed kindergarten.
    The training helped to get to know about the wide scope of appropriate solutions for prompt implementation by local authorities. It includes such basic measures as doors replacement, installation of windows with energy saving glass, reparation of a heating system, purchasing of energy efficient lamps and installing solar collectors. Running information campaign for youth and local inhabitants on energy saving issues could also be useful. Such measures as transition to solid fuel usage, external insulation of building walls, reconstruction of a kindergarten buildings are more costly and could be financed by the EU grants. In the framework of the Covenant of Mayors, municipalities have a possibility to cooperate with local authorities of other European states and receive grants for creation of energy management system at municipal and individual institutional levels, develop energy saving programs and microprojects.
    For more information please contact:
    Tetiana Zakharkevych, Project Manager, Email: zakharkevych@arr.com.ua , Tel.: +38 (095) 669 34 41.
    Background information:
    The project “Through Energy Inspiring the Future Generations” is financed by the European Union and implemented by the NGO “Crossroad connections” in partnership with Irshava City Council. The total amount of EU co-financing of the project: 152 320.99 euros (80% of total budget).

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