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Foreign direct investments from the European Union to Ukraine

November 17, 2004.

    *** The EU maintains the largest share in the total volumes of foreign direct investment (FDI) which Ukraine received as independent state since 1991, according to the State Statistics Committee of Ukraine. By 2004, the fifteen EU member states contributed 2.4bn USD into various sectors of Ukraine’s economy, or 36% of total 6.7bn USD. By adding contributions of the new ten member states, the combined share of EU 25 reaches 55% in the total FDI (3.7bn USD). Investment inflows apparently increased since 2001, following Ukraine’s accelerating growth.
    As of end 2003, the four biggest investors from the EU were the UK (686 mio USD), Netherlands (464 mio USD), Germany (441 mio USD), and Austria (252 mio USD). Cyprus, a new member state of the EU, became the second biggest source of FDI into Ukraine in 2003 with a total of 779 mio USD as of end period. The main bulk of these countries’ FDI was streamlined to Ukraine’s food industry (541 mio USD), wholesale trade (448 mio USD), financial sector (240 mio USD), and transport (229 mio USD).

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