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April 17, 2006.

    On April 19, 2006 in Kozatskiy Hotel Counterpart Creative Center and Civil Society Institute will represent their partnership project “Improving access to justice for the rural population“ that is funded by the European Union.
    The project is aimed at educating citizens of rural districts about management of civil and administrative conflicts in legal form and creating appropriate organizational and legal conditions to introduce the courts of justice and courts of arbitration in the selected four rural districts.
    The main project activities include:
    ° A study of the existing legislation that ensures access of citizens to legal mechanisms to address public legal and civil disputes in order to develop a draft law;
    ° Conducting training courses and seminars aimed at increasing the awareness level of citizens concerning the implementation of judicial and other legal mechanisms in addressing public and civil disputes;
    ° Conducting competitions for the best information campaign on increasing the awareness level of citizens about legal mechanisms of their human rights protection in the four selected districts; rendering assistance in their implementation and evaluation;
    ° Establishment of four consulting services in order to render assistance to rural communities in development of the court of arbitration or justice courts;
    ° Publication of informational and methodological handbooks for citizens and official bodies.
    The following will participate in the presentation: Anatoliy Tkachuk, Adviser to the President of Ukraine– Chief of Main Regional and Personnel Policy Department of the Secretariat of the President of Ukraine; Lyubov Palyvoda – President of Counterpart Creative Center; Volodimir Kupriy – Project Director.
    Representatives from state authorities, NGOs, mass media, experts interested in the project topics are invited.
    The presentation will take place in the conference hall at Kozatskiy Hotel that is situated on Mihalivska str, 1/3. Registration of participants is at 13.30. The presentation begins at 14.00 and will last for two hours.
    For further information and accreditation please contact:
    Olena Bondar, Project Manager
    Tel. (044) 574 64 11; fax (044) 574 64 13
    E-mail: bondar@ccc.kiev.ua

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