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Election Law Summer School

May 19, 2006.

    (Crimea, Feodosia)
    July 4-11, 2006
    The USAID Strengthening Electoral Administration in Ukraine Project (SEAUP), implemented by Development Associates, Inc. with support from USAID, invites students to apply for participation in summer school on election law.
    Applications will be accepted from last-year students and recent graduates of law, political science, and other social sciences, as well as young politicians and NGO activists. Applicants should submit an essay on elections issues (scientific publication, essay, publicistic article, scientific and popular article) and its summary. The volume of the essay is unlimited. Summary should not exceed 500 symbols. The summary will be considered when determining winners of the competition. Essays of winners will be considered by a commission during the school. Best works will obtain prizes and will be recommended for publication (placement on the Project's website).
    Summer school will take place from July 4 till July 11, 2006.
    The curriculum will include:
    International standards of free and fair elections
    Comparative analysis of electoral systems
    Election legislation
    Problems of forming national and local voter registries
    Territorial organization and administration of elections in Ukraine
    Problems of appeal the election legislation violations in courts and election commissions
    Political parties and election campaign finance
    Legal regulation of media in electoral proces
    Applicants can download an application form or apply on-line at http://www.vybory.com/ukr/school.html. You can also send your request for the application form by e-mail school@devassoc1.kiev.ua or fax: (044) 246 5818.
    Complete applications along with all supporting documents can be sent to the address:
    23, Antonovych Street, Office 2,
    Kyiv 01004
    fax: (044) 2465818
    e-mail school@devassoc1.kiev.ua
    Deadline for applications - June 11, 2006
    NOTE: Applications of the 2003, 2004 and 2005 Elections Summer Schools participants will not be considered!
    SEAUP provides full scholarships (accommodation, food, tuition, and round-trip ticket) for participants.

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