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EUBAM announced a competition for journalists ‘Border and reforms’.

August 5, 2013.

    EUBAMEUBAM together with border and law enforcement agencies of Moldova and Ukraine is delighted to announce an open competition for journalists ‘Border and reforms’.
    The goal of the competition is to raise public awareness of the reforms that Moldovan and Ukrainian border agencies are going through, how these reforms affect citizens and help to fight cross border crime, and how the EU supports these reforms in Moldova and Ukraine.
    The competition is open for representatives of printed, TV, radio, and on-line media from Moldova and Ukraine. The media reports, including photo reports, eligible for the competition should be published/aired before the application is submitted. Journalists participating in the competition should submit their works in the form of articles/reports or internet publications covering one or all of the topics mentioned in the detailed information about the competition.
    The application should be submitted by 18:00 1st September 2013 to the e-mail borderandreforms@eubam.org.

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