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EU Neighbourhood Library: indispensable resource to search for EU’s relations with neighbouring countries

January 10, 2014.

    Are you looking for a document on your country’s relations with the EU? Or is it an official communication on the European Neighbourhood Policy that you are searching for?
    Search no further: Visit the EU Neighbourhood Library (www.enpi-info.eu/library) – your online European Neighbourhood documents database that is easy to search, by country, by theme, by source, by policy, by date of publication and by keyword.
    The Library is a user-friendly online database bringing together the key documents that guide EU relations with its neighbouring countries in the East and in the South.
    This database allows you to search and download a wide range of materials from official EU sources and EU-funded projects in the neighbourhood. They range from Association Agreements and Country reports to essential policy documents and research generated by the projects.
    Each document has a short description in English and is downloadable in the original language (mainly English or French), as well as other available languages versions.
    This Library is an indispensable tool for think tanks, academics, public servants, media, civil society, and others interested to know how the Partnership works.
    More information:
    This news at the ENPI-Info website
    EU Neighbourhood Library

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