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Russian Cossacks against war with Ukraine

March 18, 2014.

    Bratya kazaki!
    We inform you that this year took place on March 14 extraordinary session of the Council of atamans of Kuban Cossack provincial society "young Cossacks of Kuban". Among other issues, the current activity on it was considered a letter from the ICC, a Cossack military commander Gen. P.s. Cossack. From this letter, the Ataman of the Board instructed troops since March 15 this year, severely punish those Cossacks that without orders atamanov, spontaneously moved to Ukraine, Autonomous Republic of Crimea, for there the service or execution of other military duties.
    Council of atamans, categorically prohibits such visits, and the Cossacks, who had already served in the Crimea with the above missions, ordered back to Kuban, in their pages.
    Council of atamans, with great regret, I have to bring to the Cossack societies that, starting in February 2014, the group that is hidden by the Russian armed forces are penetrating, armed with small arms and equipment to the territory of the sister-Ukraine, foremothers and threatening civilians, attempts to occupy the Republic of Crimea and set the power of the criminal authorities and con men from among local traitors.
    Cossacks and atamans, Council of the ICC Board, condemn the illegal occupation of the territory of our foremothers-Ukraine! And soon, will consider the possibility of fraternal aid our brothers are Ukrainians from our Cossack organizations!

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