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EU Delegation to Ukraine is launching a new information tender

October 18, 2015.

    The objectives of the contract are:
    to prepare regular and ready-made information products for journalists;
    to inform journalists and wider public about the most important events in the EU and in the EU-Ukrainian bilateral relations;
    to inform the journalists and selected audiences about the planned EU Delegation events and the EU programmes;
    to provide support to the EU Delegation to Ukraine in preparing and/or translating into Ukrainian language press releases, information kits and other materials for journalists;
    to support the EU Delegation to Ukraine in organising and holding press conferences, high-level visits, etc. (e.g. provide interpretation and logistical services, prepare information kits, etc.);
    to develop a comprehensive media strategy and information campaigns in selected regions ("Oblasts")1 of Ukraine;
    to do a daily (working days only) monitoring of Ukrainian central and regional print, broadcast, news agencies and online press on EU, EU-Ukraine issues;
    to produce daily monitoring overview of the Ukrainian media focused on the coverage of the EU issues in English as well as to provide specific media monitoring related services (ad hoc media coverage, special media monitoring, compilation of original articles/texts, etc.);
    to regularly update the overview of Ukrainian media landscape.
    More information is available at http://eeas.europa.eu/delegations/ukraine/more_info/info_comm_tenders/index_en.htm

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