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Ukrainian-British exercise Warrior Watcher - 2019 has started in Mykolaiv with the participation of representatives of the Navy and the Air Force of the Armed Forces of Ukraine and Great Britain.

October 19, 2019.

    The event is aimed to get acquainted with the theoretical basics of planning and risks assessment while protecting airfields and critical infrastructure according to NATO standards, increasing the level of interoperability between the Ukrainian Armed Forces and the UK Royal Air Force squadrons.
    The Ukrainian military personnel of the Marine Corps, Naval Aviation and Air Force units of the Ukrainian Armed Forces will gain experience of leading countries of implementation of NATO standards under the guidance of British instructors.
    The training will last for nine days and will include theoretical and practical parts, during which participants will get acquainted with the organization of protection and defense of airfields and will conduct practical training at the military airfield in Mykolaiv region.
    Ukrainian-British exercise Warrior Watcher - 2019 is being held for the first time and such format has been designed to meet modern security challenges and threats.

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