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House of Europe is looking for partners from EU for its international residency programme.

December 28, 2019.

    Each residency has a duration of 30-45 days, and the first one is planned for 2020. The residencies will be dedicated to the topics of memory, inclusivity, and mobility.
    Deadline: 20 January
    Who can apply?
    Established residencies
    Cultural institutions, museums and art centers
    Galleries, exhibition spaces, artist-run spaces
    Creative hubs
    Higher education institutions (art universities, academies)
    NGOs with previous experience in the organisation of residencies
    What House of Europe provides (covers)
    Resident’s expenses such as travel costs, accommodation, and per diems
    Funds for visibility measures (e. g. design of communication materials),
    Translation for public events, funds for research purposes (e. g. access to archives, books)
    Other additional expenses of the resident or the hosting organisation can be provided
    Our potential partner
    To be responsible for the coordination of the residency based at your institution
    To help to find an appropriate accommodation and working space for the resident
    To provide space for residency-related events (depending on planning)
    To provide logistical support over the entire duration of the residency
    To provide translation and technical support as necessary
    To provide the resident with informational assistance
    To introduce the resident to the local artistic scene and, if applicable, the in-residency networks
    To actively engage in visibility measures promoting the residency and related events, using own net-works, audiences, and resources
    To document the residency and its outcomes appropriately
    To report to House of Europe about the implementation of residency
    How to apply:
    Fill out the online application form and attach the following information or documentation:
    Activities of your
    Information about implemented projects
    Copy of official registration documents
    Information on interesting locations and local artists that may be relevant for the residency
    If applicable, references

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