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Hackathon against the crisis: worldwide event to tackle COVID-19

April 7, 2020.

    We invite you all to take part in Global Hackathon called The Global Hack which will take place on 9-12 April 2020 (online). It will be a 48 hoursof non-stop online hacking!
    The Global Hack aims to bring together great minds, world-class mentors and globally talented teams to created urgently needed solutions in the current COVID-19 pandemic and better tomorrow.
    The Global Hack is organised by Accelerate Estonia, Garage48, Guaana with the support of Devpost and is supported by European Commission. The European Commission will provide up to euro 75 000 to the Global Hack for prize money to the winning teams. The Commission will also provide input to the government related challenges to be hacked in the area of start-ups, small businesses and eHealth as well as coaching in bringing viable solutions where they are needed.
    Register for the Global Hack now! Experts in their fields, scientists, tech enthusiasts, business leaders, project managers, marketing experts, designers, and innovators are all invited to take part in The Global Hack!
    Become a mentor: bit.ly/3bD2sFK
    Let's tackle this crisis together!

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