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Reinform: the first humanitarian info-hub about man and war

April 27, 2022.

    Where to get support if you have to flee the war? What assistance programs are operating now? How to survive in the occupied territories and when the humanitarian corridor opens from the "hot spot"?
    How are Ukrainian prisoners and hostages released, what is happening in the temporarily occupied territories, how to find a missing relative, how do the world supports Ukrainians and what are the effects for us, what does the state do? - These and hundreds of other acute issues are answered on the information resource ReInform.
    The first unique humanitarian info-hub has been launched. It accumulates everything that is important for everyone to know in the current difficult situation of war.
    ReInform is not only the latest collection of hot news and authoritative opinions. This is a popular encyclopedia of the rules of life and victory of Ukrainian citizens.
    Useful tips and links, important reminders and official information, valuable contacts and messages. Enter, read, memorize, communicate.
    Together - we will win!

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