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In Kharkiv, up to 500 houses cannot be rebuilt; authorities are planning new housing

May 23, 2022.

    n Kharkiv, after the shelling of Russian troops, about 500 houses cannot be restored, and in the Northern Saltivka area, local authorities are already planning to build new housing – but they are waiting for permission from the military.
    Direct speech: "We visited Kharkiv. Northern Saltivka is an area that once housed 300,000 Kharkiv residents. Several major streets have been simply destroyed to the ground. Houses there cannot be restored, so the only solution is to build new ones. This will be housing for Kharkiv residents who lost their homes due to Russian aggression.
    Local authorities have already identified the territory where construction can begin. Documentation is being developed, but in order to start building new houses, permission from the military is needed.
    In parallel with the new construction, we will demolish the destroyed buildings. We need to build schools, kindergartens, and hospitals. Everything to ensure that the residents of Northern Saltivka receive the necessary services and comfort."
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    Details: According to Kyrylo Tymoshenko, a total of up to 500 houses in Kharkiv will not be rebuilt. The authorities are working to ensure that families get "everything they need".
    "At the moment, a decision is being made regarding the temporary accommodation of people in dormitories of higher educational institutions and social institutions. But people should get full-fledged, permanent housing. This is an ambitious plan, and we are working on it", Tymoshenko said.
    Source: Deputy Head of the Presidential Office, Kyrylo Tymoshenko on Telegram

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