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EU provides emergency support to VET Schools and helps improve educational process in Ukraine

June 22, 2022.

    The EU continues supporting vocational education and training in Ukraine through the EU4Skills programme. After the start of the full-scale Russian invasion of Ukraine, the programme focused on assisting 4.000 IDPs who are currently living in dormitories of VET schools. Moreover, the package of support includes three further components: the provision of emergency goods, psychological support for IDPs and training of staff and volunteers on how to better manage the dormitories. In parallel, EU4Skills continues its efforts to support the educational process during the war by developing new courses for VET students
    “The EU continues its support to Ukraine through all of our projects. EU4Skills is one of our programmes which cover the most crucial emergency needs of IDPs. In cooperation with our Member States Germany, Finland, Poland and Estonia we will also further support VET schools in offering learning possibilities through EU4Skills,” said Frederik Coene, Head of Cooperation at the EU Delegation to Ukraine.
    By the end of May 2022 EU4Skills had provided 5.500 pillows, 1.500 blankets and 1.500 folding beds to selected VET schools. EU4Skills will also provide up to 22.000 units of baby food to Ukrainian families in need and more than 2 million items of medical goods.
    At the same time, EU4Skills continues its efforts to support the educational process during the war. VET schools are currently closed for face-to-face lessons and offer online classes. To support the continuation of learning, EU4Skills provides online courses and materials, translated into Ukrainian and adapted to the local conditions. The programme furthermore organises online cafe events, which provide a forum for over 2.200 teachers and students to work on soft skills. EU4Skills continues to help Ukrainian VET schools to participate in Erasmus+ project and to work with their peers from European countries by assisting in developing proposals and finding partners throughout the Europe.

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