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EU4Skills continues to work and help IDPs during the full-scale Russian invasion

July 8, 2022.

    Despite the full-scale Russian invasion, the “EU4Skills: Better Skills for Modern Ukraine” Programme, continues to help Ukraine build a modern vocational education infrastructure, with some temporary adjustments.
    Thus, in educational institutions located close to the front line or located in the temporarily occupied territories, work is temporarily suspended.
    In relatively safe regions, project implementation continues. The purchase of specialised equipment and reconstruction of premises is planned in the remaining vocational schools.
    In addition, the project provides assistance to internally displaced persons (IDPs) totalling EUR 700,000. On the basis of nine vocational institutions participating in the project "EU4Skills: Modernisation of Vocational Education and Training Infrastructure in Ukraine", dormitories and assistance to IDPs with necessities were arranged. In particular, in June 2022, the following facilities were delivered: 492 beds, 400 mattresses and mattress covers, 680 pillows and blankets, 1,710 sets of bed linen, 19 washing machines, 18 refrigerators, 12 microwaves and 14 multicookers.
    "With the start of Russia's unprovoked war against Ukraine, the EU4Skills Project has not lost its relevance. After all the destruction left by Russia, the need for skilled workers will become very acute. Therefore, the European Union will continue to make every effort to modernise the infrastructure of the vocational education and ensure its sustainable development in the long run", said Frederik Coene, Head of Cooperation at the European Union Delegation to Ukraine.
    The organisers of the project also plan to provide emergency assistance to institutions to renew the quality of the educational process: to purchase the necessary equipment, materials for laboratories, workshops etc. for a total of EUR 350,000.
    Background information:
    The "EU4Skills: Modernisation of Vocational Education and Training Infrastructure in Ukraine" project is part of the "EU4Skills: Better Skills for Modern Ukraine" Programme (Component 3) and aims to update and modernise the equipment and infrastructure of VET schools in Ukraine. The project aims to create a modern VET infrastructure, that contributes to increased attractiveness for students. The project works on laying the foundation for effective, demand-driven education that equips students with skills that the Ukrainian labour market seeks. On behalf of the European Union and the German State Development Bank KfW, the project is implemented by the Ukrainian Social Investment Fund.

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