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The results of the open call

March 13, 2023.

    The European Commission has announced the winners of the "Circulation of European literary works" open call of the "Creative Europe" programme for 2022. There are five Ukrainian projects among them.
    1. ASTROLABE PUBLISHING – Theme of Borderline Challenges in European Literature.
    The project will focus the attention of Ukrainian and European readers on works about human existence in borderline situations during the war, imprisonment, exile, climate and technological disasters, etc. Here human nature is tested, and a character seeks ways to preserve personal dignity and freedom, even if his/her physical survival is in question. This is, without a doubt, a theme that has always been the basis of most of the high achievements of European fiction and, obviously, it will once again attract the attention of modern readers, which will contribute to the promotion of relevant literary works
    2. Kalamar Publishing – Education of environmental skills by reading books.
    Nowadays, environmentalists have a lot of discussions around the point of no return – a certain point after which the deterioration of the environmental situation will become uncontrollable. It looks like modern children are the last generation that still has the opportunity to influence the situation and avert the environmental crisis. Children must be prepared and educated in particular by reading the special relevant literature improving eco-habits. Books about environmental protection are one of the priorities of the Ukrainian publishing house Kalamar. Eco-education should be offered for very young kids, toddlers, for whom solving eco problems should become the matter of surviving people on the Earth.
    3. ANETTA ANTONENKO PUBLISHERS – Special Marks (II): Theatre Without Borders.
    The project provides the translation and publication into Ukrainian of 16 books by well-known contemporary playwrights of the 20th and 21st centuries of Spain, Italy, France, Czech Republic, Greece, Slovenia, Croatia and Sweden.
    4. Center for studies of the history and culture of East European Jewry – True Culture Never Dies: Contemporary Translations from Yiddish to Ukrainian.
    Yiddish culture was one of the world's most interesting creative phenomena of the second half of the 19th and the beginning of 20th centuries. This was well known to its contemporaries in many countries. Yiddish texts have been translated into dozens of languages. Prose of Mendele Mocher Sforim and Sholem Aleichem, poetry of Peretz Markish and David Hofstein, drama of S. Ansky (Shloyme Rapoport) will forever remain among the literary treasures of humanity. Even after so many tears and bloodshed, true literature and art triumphed over barbarism. In the last decades, we educated a new generation of translators from Yiddish into Ukrainian who together with us are breathing a new life into the best texts of Yiddish writing as a decent part of modern multiethnic Ukrainian and European cultures.
    5. Yakaboo Publishing – World Prose Gallery: European Vision.
    Series “World Prose Gallery: European Vision” is a peculiar review of European literature at the turn of the XIX-XX centuries, a unique period that had laid the artistic and cultural foundations of modern united Europe. Starting the series, the main goal we set ourselves is integrating Ukrainian readers into the European cultural space, making them acquainted with model examples of European classical prose that are underrepresented in the Ukrainian literary space and, in particular, written in lesser-used languages.
    A total of 45 projects from 40 participating countries of the "Creative Europe'' programme were supported under this open call. 110 applications have been received in total. Creative Europe Desk Ukraine is proud of Ukrainian publishing houses and congratulates them.
    There are 8 open calls in strands "Culture", "Media" and "Cross-sectoral cooperation". Current open calls in the "Creative Europe" programme can be found on the website: https://creativeeurope.in.ua
    Creative Europe is the European Commission's programme for supporting culture, creative and audiovisual sectors. The Creative Europe programme aims to fund projects and initiatives which enhance diversity and responds to the needs and challenges of cultural and creative industries. The programme supports the use of digital technologies, environmental friendliness, flexibility, adaptability, and inclusiveness. The budget of the programme is 2.44 billion euros. Ukraine became a participant of the programme in 2016. Since then, Ukrainian applicants can receive grant support in more than 20 different open calls. There is a permanent Creative Europe Desk Ukraine, which provides advisory support to Ukrainian applicants and disseminates the information about the programme.
    TG channel: https://t.me/creativeeuropeua

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