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Additional batch of laptops and smartphones donated within “Laptops for Ukraine” initiative to be shipped to Ukraine

March 13, 2023.

    13,000 additional laptops, smartphones and tablets have been gathered and will be delivered to Ukraine through the Commission-supported initiative “Laptops for Ukraine”. It has been launched in December 2022 as a response to one of the most pressing needs for Ukrainian schools, hospitals and municipalities.
    For example, about 70,000 Ukrainian teachers are in need of laptops to continue teaching, and 5,000 schools in the war-hit regions require digital devices to ensure that 200,000 schoolchildren can continue learning. Many more devices are needed in other sectors and, in particular, for nurses, doctors and public administration.
    That is, digital devices can help maintain basic services in education, healthcare and public administration in Ukraine, where the war has left thousands of people displaced and seeking safety in shelters outside their homes, while hundreds of schools and hospitals have been destroyed.
    Laptops for Ukraine initiative has been put in place by the European Commission together with the Ukrainian Ministry of Digital Transformation and DigitalEurope, a European organisation that represents the digital technology industry.
    Citizens are invited to donate spare functioning devices through one of 17 collection hubs in Belgium, Czechia, Germany, Estonia, Spain, France, Lithuania, Hungary, Romania and Slovenia. Moreover, new collection hubs are being launched.
    Private companies can contact the European Commission to receive assistance with the transfer of larger donations. The logistical support is being provided through the EU Civil Protection Mechanism, through which the Commission has helped ship already 12,000 donated devices to Ukraine in this way.
    More information:
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