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Modern bath and laundry complexes have been provided to Ukrainian soldiers at the front line.

April 18, 2023.

    It has been over a year since the active phase of the war began, and our soldiers have been living in difficult conditions for months - cold, dampness in their quarters, and the dirt in the trenches. Defenders often do not have the opportunity to simply wash and clean their clothes. Therefore, in order to provide our soldiers with this opportunity, the "Swarm" Charitable Foundation, together with the Logistics Command of the Ground Forces, launched a project to create mobile bath and laundry complexes (MBLCs) for our defenders.
    Modern MBLCs are equipped with marine containers that are placed on a cargo trailer, making them easy to transport from one destination to another. Up to 80-150, military personnel can use the complex in one day! The overall goal of the project is to provide at least 20 bath and laundry complexes to Ground Forces units throughout the year. The rock band "BEZ OBMEZHEN" joined the fundraising efforts and, together with the "HOUP.UA" Charitable Foundation, raised 440,000 hryvnias at a concert in distant Tokyo to support the initiative and join the project to help defenders.
    It should be noted that the successful use of similar mobile laundry-bath complexes is exemplified by NATO's experience in Afghanistan. Mobile laundry-bath complexes were placed in combat zones there for NATO military personnel, and with the help of these complexes, soldiers could not only maintain their hygiene and health but also enhance their combat capabilities and even motivation, as clean and pressed clothing allows them to feel much more comfortable during combat operations.
    We wander through the forests of Kyiv region for a long time until we come across the location of a military unit: the Separate Presidential Brigade named after Hetman Bohdan Khmelnytskyi. The area is neat and tidy, and the soldiers greet us warmly with smiles. Journalists have already started teatime and are looking at the new laundry and bath complex that is preparing to go to the combat zone. Symbolically, the transfer of the laundry and bath complex to the military takes place on a clean Thursday, so we hope that God blesses it for a long life on the front line so that Ukrainian soldiers can use this wonderful invention of humanity for as long as possible.
    This complex was created with funds raised by the charitable foundation "Swarm," and one of the major donors was the music band "Bez Obmezhen" (Without Limits), which actively participated in the charitable project and raised funds for it all over the world.
    Sergiy Tanchynets, the lead singer of the "Bez Obmezhen" band, was one of the most active fundraisers. According to Sergiy Tanchynets, this project is "a modest thank you from the 'Bez Obmezhen' band for the fact that Ukrainian soldiers are freeing our land from Russian aggression." The head of the Swarm Foundation, Diana Illynytska, focuses on the more practical side of the matter: "The complex will not only help Ukrainian soldiers provide themselves with necessary hygienic conditions but also improve their morale. The mobile laundry and bath complex consists of a container that contains washing machines, dryers, showers, and toilets. The container can be easily moved to another location, allowing Ukrainian soldiers to have access to hygienic conditions even in difficult situations," explains the Director of the Charitable Foundation, and clarifies that sea containers can be retrofitted not only for laundry and bath complexes, but also for other useful services for our army, and the bath and laundry complexes themselves will be further improved and modernized in the future. The Foundation has very ambitious plans to deliver up to 20 such complexes to the military, and the idea itself was born, as they say, "from life"
    Note that the Charity Fund "Swarm" helps the military not only with hygiene supplies, but also provides them with support in other programs such as "Warm Sleep for the Military", "Security of Intelligence Battalions", "Psychological Support for Those Who Endured - Military and Their Families". Ukrainian soldiers were very grateful to the Charity Fund "Swarm" and other donors for the mobile laundry and shower complex, which will be a real help and extremely important element of life on the front line. It is unnecessary to say that such charitable initiatives support the spirit of goodwill and solidarity among Ukrainians, help the military and strengthen our country as a whole.
    After the transfer ceremony, the soldiers, volunteers, and journalists moved to the auditorium to listen to the concert of Sergiy Tanchynets, who symbolically addressed the attendees at the event - free people!
    Glory to Ukraine!
    In the photo: in the center is Svitlana Kamynets, the Director of the "Rule of Law" Foundation (standing next to Sergiy Tanchynets).

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