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United with a Good Heart: Charity Auction in Support of the Military Raised Over 200,000 Hryvnias to Defend Our Homeland

May 29, 2023.

    Over the weekend, a charity auction in support of our military took place in the Dniprovsky district of the capital, gathering people from different corners of the Ukrainian capital and providing Kyiv residents with an opportunity not only to raise funds for our Army and a specific unit but also to purchase exclusive handicrafts by folk craftsmen and military trophies donated by frontline soldiers. Our organization was one of the co-organizers of the event.
    The organizers of this event included the deputy of Kyiv City Council, Sergiy Artemenko, as well as public organizations and educational institutions of the left bank of Kyiv: NGO "Our Home Dniprovsky" by Yuliya Ponomarenko, Association of Volunteers of Ukraine by Olena Bilyavska, NGO "Vital Force" by Halyna Tverdun, Foundation "Rule of Law" by Oleh Spornykov, Association "CHILD.UA," NGO "Powerful Force of the Nation" by Liya Metreveli, and schools of the Dniprovsky district of Kyiv: Secondary Schools No. 234, No. 246, No. 98, No. 184, No. 224, School of Young Technicians, "Rainbow" Club. The event took place in the capital's "Aurora" Park located at 19 Stalsky Street.
    Tents were set up in the park, where schoolchildren from the Dniprovsky district displayed their products so that anyone interested could make a purchase and thus help the organizers buy a "Mavic" drone and other necessary equipment for our soldiers on the front line. The main goal of this auction was to raise 200,000 hryvnias (and I must say, the organizers achieved it). The event guests were treated to unique experiences and unforgettable moments. Folk choir groups performed in the park, and the dance studio "Papa Dance" delighted the audience with energetic dances.
    Later, the auction itself began, with about 60 participants taking part. Lots were auctioned, each of which had historical and emotional value, as each item bore witness to the heroism and sacrifice of our soldiers on the front line. Various items were available, ranging from helmets to transportation tubes for portable anti-tank missile systems. These tubes were handed over to the volunteers directly from the front line, with the soldiers mentioning that they were auctioned off after being used against Russian tanks.
    The organizers took care of the guests in every possible way. Tables were filled with delicious food and drinks provided by the "Green Garden" restaurant, carefully selected to match the atmosphere of the event, which was shaped by war and bloodshed. Everyone present could enjoy tasty food and satisfy their curiosity through new acquaintances. The event itself, led by the well-known group "Kley Ugrumogo," was both cheerful and melancholic, but it took place in an atmosphere that emphasized the importance of the goal set by the organizers.
    The bidding was lively, and among the lots were true masterpieces, such as a painting donated by the organizer, artist Serhiy Smetankin, from Sloviansk, an outstanding contemporary artist whose talent has been recognized not only in his native Donetsk region but also far beyond its borders. The painting was purchased by a resident of Kyiv for 20,000 hryvnias.
    In the end, over 200,000 hryvnias were raised, which will not only allow the purchase of a new "Mavic" drone for the front line but also the repair of previously damaged equipment.
    Thus, the charity auction came to a close. This event not only reminded us of the importance of solidarity and support but also demonstrated that the strength of our people lies in unity. Each attendee became a part of a great mission to provide the best conditions and resources to our military for the noble task of liberating Ukraine from the aggressors.

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